Friday, May 19, 2023

Madeline Duncan Brown President Johnson's Mistress Reveals Truth Regarding JFK Assassination

Madeleine Duncan Brown

President Johnson's Mistress Reveals

 Truth Regarding JFK Assassination 

It's been said that "Politics is a dirty game", which is profoundly true and on-point for President Lyndon Johnson. There is a TREMENDOUS amount of direct and circumstantial evidence that supports the fact that LBJ was HIGHLY COMPLICIT in the assassination of President Kennedy. The three video below offer insight into how crass, crude, and maniacly evil President Johnson was. The great takeaway for any leader is to make certain to only work with people that believe in your leadership skills and vision, as apposed to somebody who is trying to usurp your leadership. In other words, if a vice president is jealous of the president, or thinks they are smarter, it creates a treacherous condition.

In the future we will dive much deeper into the evidence against LBJ, but a similar example would be George H. W. Bush serving as Vice-President under President Reagan, as there was an attempted assassination on President Reagan that came very close to killing him. This explains why when George H. W. Bush ran for president he chose Dan Quayle as his Vice President, which was about as dangerous as him choosing Mr. Rogers. In other words, Bush chose Quayle because he knew that Quayle, unlike himself did not possess any personality qualities or disorders that would cause him to undermine his authority.

This might be a good time to introduce myself, as I knew President Reagan and am pictured with him below in 1989:

President Reagan was a close friend of my namesake grandfather, Jake Ehrlich Sr., who is pictured below with my grandmother in the middle and President Reagan during World War II in San Francisco. At the time, both my grandfather and Ronald Reagan were Democrats. As a matter of fact, in the conversation I had with Reagan pictured above, he mentioned he voted for FDR all 4 times. My grandfather knew many U.S. Presidents including FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, LBJ, and Richard Nixon, and was friendly with General MacArthur, and FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover.

I was always very impressed with President Reagan for his leadership skills as he saved American's soul when it was in the lost and found. Speaking of President Reagan, he was a big fan of JFK's, and they were both from Irish decent. 

My grandfather Jake Ehrlich Sr. (pictured below on left) moderated a debate in San Francisco, California on October 9, 1964 between Melvin Belli (pictured below in middle), who represented Jack Ruby in the trial of the Assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald, and Mark Lane (pictured on the far right) on the accuracy of the Warren Commission. In the story below this story you can see a debate in between William F. Buckley and Mark Lane on the accuracy of The Warren Commission findings.

Jake Ehrlich Sr., Melvin Belli & Mark Lane
Three Top Lawyers Debate the Accuracy of the Warren Commission 

Image above and below appear courtesy of the Estate of JAKE EHRLICH Sr.

In the future, I will elaborate much more on my grandfather Jake, and President Reagan, but in the meantime we are focused on LBJ who was as close to being pure evil as is humanly possible.