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James Fetzer Discussion Regarding The True Details of JFK Assassination

James Fetzer Discussion

Made for Oliver Stone

Regarding The True Details of JFK Assassination

November 18, 2021

I believe, James Fetzer is one of the best JFK Assassination historians alive today. Fetzer is a regular on the "The New JFK Show", which you can find on YouTube, but for some strange reason, the video below cannot be found on YouTube. The video below was made by James Fetzer specifically for Oliver Stone just before Stone released his most recent and excellent 4 hour documentary on the Kennedy Assassination.

The description that accompanied this video says:

"Dedicated to Oliver Stone, whose new film will be released on 22 November 2021. His "JFK" was a masterpiece with three flaws: he did not know Oswald was in the doorway of the Book Depository ad the time the JFK motorcade passed by or that the Zapruder film had been massively edited, no doubt because he was relying upon advice from Robert Groden, who has played the JFK community (virtually) from the beginning. And he posited three hit teams, when there turn out to have been eight (8) assassins. My worry is that this sequence, which I have been told was screen-written by one Jim DiEugenio, may suffer from similar defects. We shall see. I have the greatest admiration for Oliver, who has been doing his best to get the truth about JFK out to the public--and I wish him nothing but success in that endeavor!"

I mentioned James Fetzer is a regular on "The New JFK Show", alongside Larry Rivera, who is one of the most knowledgeable and top JFK Assassination researchers. Larry is the lead investigator an storyteller on The New JFK Show Blog which HIGHLY recommend checking out.