Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Who Was Mark Lane?

Who Was

Mark Lane?

The way I decided to layout this blog, is to create posts on different subjects and then expand them over time until I feel they are complete, and that is exactly what I'm doing with this post.

Mark Lane was a friend of JFK and worked with him. After JFK was assassinated, Mark Lane wrote the first seminal book on the JFK assassination in 1966, which was named Rush To JudgementMark Lane is certainly one of the greatest JFK Presidential Assassination experts in history, and in large part this was due to the fact that he was friends with JFK.


    “Conspiracy is nothing more than two or more

 people acting together to commit an illegal act.”

—Mark Lane

My grandfather Jake Ehrlich Sr. (pictured below on left) moderated a debate in San Francisco, California on October 9, 1964 between Melvin Belli (pictured below in middle), who represented Jack Ruby in the trial of the Assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald, and Mark Lane (pictured on the far right) on the accuracy of the Warren Commission. In the story below this story you can see a debate in between William F. Buckley and Mark Lane on the accuracy of The Warren Commission findings.

Jake Ehrlich Sr., Melvin Belli & Mark Lane
Three Top Lawyers Debate the Accuracy of the Warren Commission 

Image above and below appear courtesy of the Estate of JAKE EHRLICH Sr.

The interview below is funny as William F. Buckley remains one of the most pretentious and greatest pseudo-intellectuals in history. My whole life I have had a love-hate relationship with William Buckley in the sense that I have been fascinated by him, and disgusted at the same time. In my opinion, Buckley was an intellectual bully, and it is funny in this interview as he attacks Lane, and fails. Basically, Lane puts Buckley in his place. 

On a side note, it is a fact William F. Buckly Jr. worked for the CIA for two years, of which he spent one year in Mexico City working under CIA agent, E. Howard Hunt, who was later jailed for his part in Watergate.


 JFK Assassination Eyewitness Compilation

Vince Palamara who is a top tier JFK researcher published this original video that was shot by the pioneering JFK Assassination Detective, researcher, activist and Lawyer, Mark Lane.

This video includes interviews from many first-hand JFK Assassination witnesses including S.M. Holland, Richard Dodd, James Leon Simmons, James Tague, Orville Nix, Charles Brehm, Bill Newman, J.C. Price, Lee Bowers, Jean Hill, Phil Willis, Marilyn Willis, Linda Willis, Malcolm Summers, Buell Wesley Frazier, James Chaney, and Mary Ann Moorman.

This next video is a masterpiece documentary on the life and Times of Mark Lane, and I highly recommend watching it.