Thursday, June 15, 2023

Doctor Robert N. McCleelland M.D. Conflicting Analysis of The Warren Report

JFK Assassination 

Dallas, Texas, Parkland Hospital Physician

Robert N. McCleelland M.D.

Conflicting Analysis of The Warren Report

It is profoundly true that context gives content meaning, which is particularly true if you watch the video interview below of attending physician, Robert N. McCleeland. If you were to watch the interview without understanding the context you would easily just think it was about an attending physician who treated President Kennedy gunshot wounds at Parkland Hospital after he was shot on November 22, 1963. But there is more...much, much more to this... 

Dr. McCleeland was unusual as he exhibited the highest level of honesty and medical integrity, as he refused to ever change his story about what he personally witnessed in Dallas. Dr. McCleeland kept insisting President Kennedy had a huge gapping would on the back right side of his head that was at least 5 inches in circumference. 

This of course was direct evidence of an exit wound from a frontal shot. Dr. McCleeland also maintained the wound on the front of President Kennedy'd neck was also an entry wound. This confirms JFK was shot both from the front and the side, as well as from the rear as there was another bullet entry wound on his upper right back. This is concrete evidence of three different shooters firing in controlled synchronicity with triangulation. 

The TRUTH is Dr. McCleeland's account as a first hand witness radically contradicts the Warren Commission report. The Warren Commision was completely fake and intended to try pin JFK's assassination on Lee Harvey Oswald as a lone-nut assassin who allegedly shot the President from the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository.

The challenge is Lee Harvey was photographed at the exact moment of JFK being shot, as Oswald was standing on the stairs of the Texas School Book Depository casually observing the Kennedy Motorcade. This fact was discovered and proven by the Team of Researchers from The New JFK Show. Namely Dr. James Fetzer, Larry Rivera and Gary King. 

The photo seen above with the zoomed in close-up seen below was taken by Ike Altgens and is commonly referred to as Altgens #6. This is a profound photo in many, many ways. 

First and foremost this exculpatory evidence proves Lee Harvey Oswald was not on the 6th Floor of the Texas School Book Depository when President Kennedy was shot. Also it's profound as it is the only photo that shows President Kennedy with his falsely accused assassin, Oswald at the same time. 

If you closely examine the zoomed in photo below you can see Lee Harvey Oswald clearly is not firing a gun, and you can also see President Kennedy in his limo, grabbing his neck in reaction to the first gunshot that hit him in the neck which was fired from the front.

Note: It's important to understand the Altgens #6 photo was HEAVILY ALTERED with airbrush techniques before it was seen by the public. This is a fact that has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. Much of the visual evidence from The Big Event in Dallas that day was altered in one way or another, and much of it has remained hidden from the public to this day. More on this subject later.

The photo show Lee Harvey Oswald after he was arrested and notice he is wearing a white T-short with a long sleeve short that is buttoned very low, kind of like a suit button. This is clearly a one-to-one match.

I created the collage below that shows the images of Oswald side by side. Notice how many frames of reference match up including:

-Hairline and forehead match exactly, as do the rest of the proportions of his face including ear shape and position. Also his jaw shape matches perfectly.

-His right collar sits unusually low on his neck and is resting flat and high up on his shoulder

-The ill shaped/fitting V shaped lower crew neck white T-Shirt is identical.

-The first front placket buttoned position of his long sleeved shirt is extremely distinct.

Think about what you are seeing for a moment. If indeed Lee Harvey Oswald was innocent, and did not shoot JFK, but was subjected to the extremely cruel treatment the world witnessed, this is horrendous and beyond unjust. 

The composite image above is a crude analysis whereby I created it to compare the two images above at the limited resolution of the photo from the Alton's #6 to the arrest photo of Oswald. I blacked out the background and reverse engineered some of the light and potential manual airbrushing done on the original image and this is what I came up with, which looks like the EXACT same person to me. Just to be clear (no pun intended :-), I maintained ALL the original silhouette proportions of the original Altgens, but just added back some of the original details.

One of the reasons I appreciate Arthur Schlesinger's Jr.'s quote seen below is because it's so precise. It is important to understand the amazing amount of financial and human resources the CIA invested in Kennedy's assassination, not to mention the cover-up, which continues to this day.  

“President Kennedy's assassination was the work of magicians. It was a stage trick, complete with accessories and false mirrors, and when the curtain fell, the actors, and even the scenery, disappeared.”

—Arthur Schlesinger Jr. 

L’Americque Brule (America is Burning)

There is good news with all this information and that is President Kennedy's assassination left behind a great deal of direct and circumstantial evidence that cannot be refuted. 

Since all the technology and techniques used to cover up and camouflage the truth were so primitive in an 8 bit black and white kind of way, it makes it possible to unearth and reveal the truth using time and technology.

President Johnson gave the speech below on November 27, 1963, just three days after President Kennedy was assassinated. Johnson was crying fake crocodile tears over JFK's passing, which he was deeply involved in. When you watch Johnson, you are witnessing a man who has just stolen the Presidency, by killing his duly elected President so he could fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming the President. You are witnessing pure Evil that is pretending (not very well) to be pure and good.

The photo of President Johnson with his wife and daughters was taken just 7 days after President Kennedy's assassination, on November 30, 1963 and as you can tell from their facial expressions they are deeply sad and still in deep mourning based upon the loss of their beloved former President Kennedy. Take a very close look at the facial expression on Lady Bird Johnson's face. Why is she smiling and glowing like that? Is it because she is sad and feels bad for the Kennedy family and the loss of JFK, or is she ecstatic because her long desired dream to become First Lady, and have her husband finally become THE President of The United States finally came true?